About Us

The visual art of talking your clients’ language

Communic8 Designs is here to help businesses and organisations to Communic8 with their customers, clients and stakeholders.  We all know that first impressions count and it’s our passion, creativity and attention to detail that will ensure that you optimise your marketing spend and maximise the impact of your brand. We are an energetic and enthusiastic bunch and would love to meet up with you or Communic8 using your preferred medium. We can chat through what we can do for you and listen to your ideas and aims. We’re a friendly, creative and consciously unconventional team who can’t wait to hear from you.

Mission Statement

At Communic8 we have 5 core values that drive everything we do, these are represented by the five stars in our logo. Our aim in business is to always do the best for our clients, max out on our creative natures and inspire the best from our team and our collective talents. This means always being excellent and delivering an amazing experience and end product – the other reason we have five stars. We strive to have a five star attitude in everything we do.

We know how to recognise Talent and will Nurture it, which enables us to create high end bespoke solutions and to go home satisfied at the end of each day.

We will do this whilst ensuring the utmost respect for our colleagues, clients and the earth.

All the while using our creativity to constantly innovate for our clients and to enable us to create.

It’s a simple, virtuous, circle.

Life poster by Simon Bouchard

In summary what we do
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Web design

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