Environmental Policy

1  For the Office:

1.1  In order to reduce the impact that ‘commuting’ has on the environment, we have opted for a ‘digital office’. Due to the nature of our work we can work just as effectively in a remote situation as in the same office. Currently, we estimate, we are saving circa 10 hours of ‘commuting’ time per day.

1.2  In our home office environments, again mindful of energy consumption, we all have energy efficient lighting.

1.3  Where possible, we have the latest, low energy consuming computer hardware which is programmed to switch off outside of office hours.

1.4  Print supply: Paper: When required, where possible we use 70gsm recycled paper for draft internal prints and FSC approved paper for client facing material Printer Cartridges: To save on landfill, once our print cartridges have been used, we send them to ‘Cartridge World’ for refilling.

2  For the Employees:

2.1 We encourage our team members, where possible, to work from home. When face to face meetings need to occur, we try to arrange them in advance and book trains, over using cars for transportation.

3 For Clients:

3.1 We have an internal policy to use ‘Greener’ alternatives in our home office environments but also try to encourage our clients to consider ‘greener’ methods of print production, ranging from the use of FSC approved paper, recycled paper and environmentally friendlier methods of printing.