The Potential Opportunities Post Brexit

I think it is fair to say, regardless of what side of the political argument you are, we were all shocked by the Brexit result. Being a 30 something myself, all I have known is life in the EU and, the thought of that changing frightens me a little because of the unknowns attached to it.

We could spend countless hours debating the ‘rights and wrongs’ on both sides of the argument, but the fact remains Article 52 has been triggered and we are leaving the EU.

Speaking pragmatically for a moment, had we chosen to remain in the EU, it doesn’t guarantee against another recession, threat of terrorism, the banks ruining our economy, inflation, or general cost of living going up. Equally leaving the EU doesn’t mean these things will be avoided. We could stay in the EU for another 40 years – but who is to say that wouldn’t generate it own problems? The only questions that remain is how difficult that process will be and, what will be left for our country afterwards?

The fact of the matter is that nobody truly holds a crystal ball onto the future – if we all truly knew the consequences one way or the other I am sure we would have all changed it for the better – however we have made our bed and now it is time to lie in it. The only certainty is change will happen regardless of the UK being in or out of the EU.

So where does this leave our wonderful country and its future?

I will not deny that leaving the EU will take us all some getting used to and there will be a period of adjustment as it all kicks in.

However as individuals we already have the power in order to remain positive in order to continue to change hearts and minds. We all have the power to make our lives successful and the country leaving the EU shouldn’t be a reason to stop striving for achievement.

The challenge will be keeping our positivity in the transition that is now underway. Everyone has their part to play.

Now I must state I am not an economist, at heart I am a humble graphic designer with an opinion, however I feel there are great opportunities ahead for us all and  if I was a betting man, I would predict the following:

• As the pound devalues and stabilises (and some might say the £ have been overvalued for years) our exports will go up
• As the cost of importing increases, it means the UK will have to become more self reliant – meaning a return to manufacturing
• Unemployment would stabilise or reduce as the increase in manufacturing would mean we would need a higher skilled labour force
• Globally we have a reputation for building the best products – so in turn this will fuel exports as we become more competitive
• New trading partners will be able to come to us directly as they are not held up with EU red tape
• Salaries will increase at a faster and higher rate than previous thought as the economy will be robust and companies can invest
• Increased levels of foreign investment as we will be a competitive place to do business
• Building and construction will benefit from increases in foreign investment

We all have a duty to now make the pending brexit a success – it can be, must be and will be done, question is are you on board when this train leaves the station?